Swing Table Type Machine  Code:HI-506

The range of HOONGEN Machines, Swing Table Type
Machine is made in such a way that it suits to small to big 
foundries. These machines can be supplied in one / two 
doors with table. The doors combination of Swing Table and 
drum is also available. The operation of machine is simple if
and automatic.
Operating Principles: All four models are equipped with 
hinged door, supporting a table having constant rotation
speed. The machine IS equ1pped With a high-performance
centrifugal blast wheel. The abrasives are thrown upon the 
workpieces kept on the table by this wheel. The spent
abrasives are transferred by screw conveyor into boot of 
elevator. The elevator transfer abrasive into separator unit.
The clean abrasives gravitate down into wheel for blasting 
purpose. An effective Dust Collector unit keeps the system
clean of dust.
Industry users include: Foundries, Forges, General 
Engineering Industries, Light-Alloys Foundries, Heat 
Treatment Shops, Plastic Industries.

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HOONGEN : Power and versatility within your reach.

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